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A Year 12 HE Guidance programme. Centigrade matches a student's interests and abilities with HE courses and institutions in the UK, Ireland, Australasia, Canada and those in Europe offering undergraduate degrees taught in English.


A careers guidance programme designed for students likely to take AS/A level, IB, AP, Scottish Highers or equivalent examinations. Taken by students at the end of Year 10 or the beginning of Year 11 and based on an interest questionnaire.

Cambridge Profile

The Cambridge Profile comprises a battery of seven tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning (2D & 3D), Arithmetic Calculation, Working Quickly and Accurately, Spelling.

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The choices we make can have far-reaching consequences. COA's innovative and highly regarded programmes and aptitude tests provide young people with the essential tools to make informed decisions about their future career and HE path.   find out more

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