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COA programmes & aptitude tests


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Probe, Preview and EirQuest are designed to enable young people and their advisers to work together to select careers areas which match students' interests and abilities and also give guidance on the choice of subjects at the next stage of their education. Within Preview are tools which help to underpin the student’s understanding of career demands and to help them develop research skills. Students have access to their feedback in MyCareersRoom and staff have an administrative system MySchool to make their task easier.

Centigrade takes into account students' interests and abilities and matches them with HE courses and Institutions which use the UCAS and CAO application systems . It accesses all courses in European Institutions taught using English as the language of instruction.

Cambridge Profile Aptitude Tests are specifically designed for completion in less than two hours. The results can then be integrated  into COA's careers programmes.  The Verbal Reasoning test is available in 17 languages.

Interviewing services are available and can be used to provide guidance for students who have done either Preview or Centigrade programmes.

Training courses enable advisers to make full use of all aspects of these programmes.

COA Preview, Profile and Centigrade offer a great way to enhance any careers programme. In depth, but easily accessible they give  students a clear indication of how their abilities, interests and aptitudes can lead to wide ranging careers and university courses.

The interview team are second to none, and MyCareersRoom offers the students a chance of further research and development. Highly recommended.

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