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Centigrade - finding the right HE course

Finding the right course

With the recent increase in UK tuition fees and a wide choice of options in Europe, choosing the right higher education course is essential. It has also been shown that those students who pay careful attention to detailed research are most likely to conclude their courses successfully.

What is Centigrade?

Centigrade is an interest-based questionnaire often taken in year 12 using information supplied by the school and the student.  It matches a student's interests and abilities with HE courses and institutions in the UK, Ireland and those in Europe offering undergraduate degrees taught in English.

Each student receives a personalised workbook listing relevant HE courses and institutions. Additional sections cover information on open days, taster courses and the application process. The Centigrade workbook includes course analysis forms which provide a starting point and structure for students to carry out research into their choice of HE course.

How does Centigrade work?

Having completed either an online or paper questionnaire, Centigrade:

  • takes into account the student’s interests and abilities and reduces to a manageable number, the courses and institutions to consider
  • helps students to understand the demands the course might make and to reflect on how well it will match their needs
  • often suggests courses which a student might not have considered
  • challenges students where it detects mismatching
  • helps students to systematically research crucial details of both the courses and the institutions, which are a vital input into their final decision-making process
  • provides a personalised listing of Open Days likely to be of interest
  • provides access to Degree Course Descriptions for each student
  • can play a key role in sixth form tutorial programmes, assisting the tutors in the delivery of their HE programmes

Centigrade uses the student’s responses to the questionnaire, results of examinations already taken, along with forecasts of results of examinations pending. The programme uses:

  • a current UCAS database of courses and universities
  • a CAO (Ireland) database of courses and universities
  • a database of all courses in European universities taught in English (European course data is supplied by EUNiCAS)
  • a database of all courses in Canada taught in English
  • any ideas the student may already have

Centigrade provides feedback for the student in the form of a workbook containing:

  • Worksheets on the top 6–8 course areas
  • Listings of matched courses and institutions
  • University checklists
  • Course analysis forms
  • Useful references and websites
  • Maps of UK and Europe

Centigrade is an integral part of our preparation for the higher education programme. For some it provides that essential initial impetus, for most it is a strong confirmation that their existing ideas are indeed appropriate. They are presented with areas to explore in a form that they find structured and easy to use, and the tutors find the workbook invaluable as a basis for discussion.

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Centigrade for Schools

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Individual Purchase

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Centigrade includes:

For schools...

  • Online access to MySchool
  • Parent / student brochure

For students...

  • Individual Centigrade workbook
  • Optional Centigrade Canada Supplement (on request)
  • Online access to Degree Course Descriptions
  • Online access to MyCareersRoom (if Preview already taken)

Optional extras

  • Interviews
  • Access to MyCareersRoom for each student
  • Centigrade training course
  • Talk for students

Further information:

Please call us on 01362 688722 or email [email protected] for further information or to arrange a school visit.

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