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Psychometric evaluation and test validation

We place the technical quality of all our careers programmes and aptitude tests high on our list of priorities.

Dr Charles Johnson, a well-established professional psychologist,ensures all our programmes are psychometrically sound, which means that each interest questionnaire and aptitude test we use has been shown to be valid and reliable in helping students select appropriate career areas.

We conduct regular surveys into students' AS,  A level or IB selections and their eventual career paths, comparing them with the careers areas and subject choices originally produced in the reports. These checks ensure we are confident that our programmes continue to meet the highest psychometric standards.

For those who would like more in-depth information on the tests, technical manuals are available for Cambridge Profile Aptitude Tests, Centigrade and Preview. In addition, Preview and the regional variations of this test have been reviewed and registered by the Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) of the British Psychological Society (BPS). COA's Cambridge Profile Aptitude tests are on the Irish Government's Approved Aptitude Test list.

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