Our family of products

With knowledge comes confidence, opportunity and success. Our products give young people the knowledge and insights they need to make the right career choices.

Centigrade Age 16-18

Affordable web-based app to help students discover their ideal Higher Education course.

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Preview Age 14-16

Inspire students to gain insight into their career and higher education options.

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Aptitude Test Age 14-16

In-depth psychometric tests to give students, and their advisers, valuable insights.

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Probe Age 12-14

Introduces pupils to the world of careers and inspires them to think about their potential.

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Why COA?

We believe in clear and focused thinking. Our easy to use programmes provide clarity and are designed to enhance your careers guidance delivery.

Our mission

Every young person deserves the opportunity to succeed. And we believe they can – with the right information and guidance. Our products are carefully designed to give students the tools to make the right choices, with confidence, every step of the way.

Our experience

We work with over 3,000 schools across the UK and educators in more than 50 countries, delivering first-class careers and higher education programmes. Devised with a renowned occupational psychologist, they provide the most thorough approach in the market.

Our community

We believe passionately in sharing knowledge, experience and expertise to raise standards across the board. Our events give careers professionals the chance to sharpen their skills, meet like-minded individuals and, just as importantly, have some fun.

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