Welcome to the new COA

We're at the start of an exciting period of change. Join us on that journey.

What's new?

We’ve got a new logo – it reflects the simple, streamlined approach we’re taking to our products and services.

But our brand refresh goes beyond that. Our approach to careers guidance has always been about more than matching interests and skills to relevant jobs and industries. We make the entire process as meaningful as the outcome, enabling students to develop research skills and techniques that will take them into the next stage of their life and beyond. That’s what sits at the heart of 'clear and focused thinking', our new purpose and vision.

Content with you in mind

We’ll be publishing more content designed to make your life easier. That means informative articles and videos, and a heads up on any upcoming events and courses. We’ll also be curating the latest and most interesting news and resources from across the web, as well as insights from industry leaders and specialists.

What next?

Over the summer we’ll be making our programmes more dynamic and easier to manage. In the autumn we’ll launch a new version of Centigrade and a new COA website, with updates to our year 10 and 11 programmes following later in the year.

Keep up with the latest news

To keep track of the latest news, events and advice, as well as our forthcoming announcements, follow COA on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.